Whispers of Nature - cushion cover - 20" x 20"

"Whispers of Nature" is an upcycled handmade pillowcase cover, showcasing the delicate artistry of free motion sewing. Janet Goh utilized reclaimed fabric remnants, carefully layering and stitching them to form intricate leaf shapes. The piece incorporates chiffon for its translucent and ethereal quality, combined with 3mm batting to add texture and depth. The leaves are infilled with a variety of colored fabrics, creating a dynamic interplay of hues and patterns. The edges are framed with a contrasting, nature-inspired border, bringing cohesion and a touch of vibrancy to the overall design.

Janet Goh's inspiration for "Whispers of Nature" stems from her profound connection with the natural world and her desire to capture its fleeting beauty. She aimed to evoke the gentle rustling of leaves and the serene ambiance of a forest. The use of layered fabrics and free motion sewing allows Janet to mimic the organic and fluid forms found in nature, while the incorporation of chiffon imparts a sense of lightness and movement. Through this piece, Janet celebrates the harmony and tranquility of nature, encouraging viewers to appreciate the subtle, yet profound, details of the environment.