Ethereal Elegance - Wall Art - 20" x 28"

"Ethereal Elegance" was crafted using a combination of traditional patchwork and quilting techniques. Janet Goh meticulously selected an array of vibrant fabrics, each chosen for its unique pattern and texture, to create the intricate design. The piece features layers of cotton, silk, and brocade, stitched together with precision to form a cohesive and visually striking composition. Embellishments such as embroidery and appliqué were added to enhance the depth and detail, while the use of hand-dyed fabrics introduces a personalized touch. The artwork is framed with a contrasting border, highlighting the central figure and tying the various elements together seamlessly.

I drew my inspiration from the traditional and contemporary elements of East Asian culture. This patchwork is influenced by my family's deep roots in the local craft community. It blends traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, creating pieces that celebrate heritage while embracing sustainability.