EcoChic Geometry Coasters - Set of 3 - 5" x5"

These upcycled fabric coasters, aptly named “EcoChic Geometry,” are crafted from repurposed black textile materials, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional coasters. The creation process involves meticulously cutting squares of fabric and then embellishing them with intricate geometric designs using white thread. This method is approaching sashiko, not only recycles materials that would otherwise go to waste but also adds a touch of handcrafted uniqueness to each piece. Sold as a set of 2 as shown

The artist draws inspiration from the juxtaposition of modern design and sustainability. With “EcoChic Geometry,” there is an intentional focus on minimalistic patterns that evoke a sense of order and calmness in today’s fast-paced world. The stark black-and-white color scheme is chosen to highlight the clean lines and shapes, symbolizing how beauty can be found in simplicity and how old materials can be given new life through artful transformation.