Denim Daisies - Fabric Coasters - Set of 3 - 5" x 5"

"Denim Daisies" are handcrafted upcycled fabric coasters made from repurposed denim and vibrant fabric remnants. The coasters feature a central appliqué design resembling a daisy, created using precision-cut fabric pieces and hand-stitched detailing. The denim base is chosen for its durability and classic appeal, providing a sturdy and stylish foundation. Each coaster is carefully sewn with reinforced edges to ensure longevity using the applicate machine . The combination of the sturdy denim and the colorful, intricate daisy design makes these coasters both functional and visually appealing, highlighting the beauty of upcycled materials. Sold as a set of 3 as shown

The artist is inspired by the timeless appeal of denim and the simple beauty of nature's flowers. "Denim Daisies" reflects a blend of rustic charm and vibrant creativity, drawing on the contrast between the rugged texture of denim and the delicate, cheerful motif of the daisy. This collection embodies the artist's commitment to sustainability and their passion for transforming everyday materials into unique, artistic pieces. The daisy, a symbol of purity and new beginnings, represents the artist's belief in the power of creativity to renew and rejuvenate, breathing new life into discarded fabrics.