8-inch Square - Planet X - Acrylic Pour Painting

This piece is a companion piece to Interplanetary and part of my planet series. The use of black as the primary focal colour provide more emphasis and interest to the other brighter colours along the edge. The piece is filled with cells throughout its surface, which help to frame the painting in a sort of web or lattice of an organic quality. The piece is finished with a high gloss resin. A truly unique piece of decorative art that is perfect for the home or as a gift for that someone special. Each piece is individually signed and numbered by Janet and comes with an individually hand-written note. FREE Delivery in Singapore.

"I wanted to test the limits of the use of colour, especially dark colours as a means to express the flip side of creation and light. The result, a very intriguing piece I think, one that is an apt companion to my masterpiece - Interplanetary. I hope this piece brings you the same joy and wonder that it bought me to create it.

Love, Janet"