8-inch Square - Interplanetary - Acrylic Pour Painting

This exciting, complex piece is part of my planet series and another play with extremes and formation of cells. The formation of shapes, forms and colours is truly wondrous - at once mesmerizing and inviting to the viewer. A masterpiece of the abstract aesthetic. The piece is finished with a high gloss resin. A truly unique piece of decorative art that is perfect for the home or as a gift for that someone special. Each piece is individually signed and numbered by Janet and comes with an individually hand-written note. FREE Delivery in Singapore.

"I'm really happy with this piece. It may look random and unplanned, but on the contary, it took me a lot of thinking and planning to decide on the colour combinations and mixes, the positioning and formation of cells. My efforts seemed to have paid off with this piece. I'm proud to say is one my very best pieces in the form.  I hope this piece brings you the same joy and wonder that it bought me to create it.

Love, Janet"