10-inch Round - Molten - Acrylic Pour Painting

This moody piece accentuates the flow patterns of the medium with long & thick flow lines. The composition of colours is intentional - cool blues and greens on top, hot reds and oranges at the bottom. Almost like a meeting of water and fire, a clash of opposites, to dramatic effect. The piece is finished with a high gloss resin. A truly unique piece of decorative art that is perfect for the home or as a gift for that someone special. Each piece is individually signed and numbered by Janet and comes with an individually hand-written note. FREE Delivery in Singapore.
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"I like to play with extremes and opposites - colours, tones and textures. This piece was a great combination of these polar opposites. The white parts are mearnt to represent steam and vapour when these 2 powerful elements meet.  I hope this piece brings you the same joy and wonder that it bought me to create it.

Love, Janet"